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There are different kinds of fertility evaluation tests available for both men and women. These tests differ for each sex as their genital organs also are different from each other.For a woman, the fertility evaluation tests confirm that all her reproductive organs are working well and in a healthy condition. The tests check out whether the ovaries are able to produce healthy eggs at a regular interval and whether the egg and sperms are properly transmitted via the fallopian tubes for fertilization process.

Such evaluation focuses around their health history, sexual habits, and menstrual cycles. The doctor usually calls for the following tests apart from a complete regular gynecological examination:[...]

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There are different kinds of fertility evaluation tests available for both men and women. These tests differ for each sex as their genital organs also are different from each other.For a man, such evaluation tests confirm that the testicles are in a healthy condition to produce enough healthy sperms and also that it is able to ejaculate such sperms efficiently into the woman's vagina.

The following tests are carried out for men to ensure that none of their reproductive processes are impaired:

General Physical Examination

Here the doctor undertakes a complete physical examination of the patient including a detailed study of his medical history, disabilities, illness, sexual habits and medications. A thorough examination of the genitals is also undertaken.[...]

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Every parent wants to have healthy babies, and for that, they need to be prepared well much before getting pregnant. If you have decided to get pregnant, plan at least a year ahead. If you can do so, then the changes that you have applied to your body will take good effect. You need to take some medical advice before you conceive if you have any existing medical condition like diabetes, epilepsy or asthma. In such cases, you have to consult with a doctor to discuss about your health at least three months before you want to conceive.

You can also avail use of the pre-conceptual check for women who have existing medical conditions and many of the hospitals are offering it now. As a precaution, some doctors ask for you to undergo a general pre-pregnancy check up even if you do not have any existing health problem. Some of the private health insurance providers also offer you health check before you conceive.[...]

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For ages, infertility has come to be associated with problems in the female partners. In fact, most couples tend to believe that the problem actually lies with the wife or girl friend. They then move ahead with various tests and treatments for the female and in the end no results come up. This is simply because nearly forty 40% of infertility issues need to be addressed by the male partner. This is why the first thing you need to do to rule out infertility is undertake a sperm count test at the earliest. This should be undertaken even before you think of undergoing any kind of treatments.

What is Sperm Count Analysis?

Sperm Count Analysis will help to detect whether there is any lack of sperms being injected from the male partner during a sexual intercourse. Unless there is a healthy and sufficient flow of sperms in the woman’s body, the egg will not become fertile. Hence, it is most important to verify whether this basic requirement is being met before you undertake infertility treatments. [...]

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With the progression in technology, many new methods have come up for helping women predict their ovulation time better. One of the most successful ones used in the more recent times is the urine-based ovulation predictor kits, which are almost accurate and also can be easily used by you at home without the help of a professional guide(Read more about Best reviewed ovulation predictor kit). But over the ages, women have come to trust the following two natural methods to get a fair idea about exactly when they will have their ovulation.

The Basal Body Temperature

The Basal Body Temperature (BBT) could act as a good indicator for understanding your ovulation time period. BBT refers to the temperature of your body after at least 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep session. The best time to check you BBT would be when you wake up in the morning. You need to check your temperature at this time using a basal thermometer that can help you find even minute increases in your body temperature unlike the regular thermometer. It would be a good idea to use the temperature-plotting charts to get a better idea about your BBT variations. The chart could help you get a better idea about your body changes and ovulation period.[...]

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