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They said I was too old to have kids

"I Was Told I'd Never Have Kids"

I was too infertile to have kids

Morgan Zantua did not give up her hopes of finding the man of her dreams and having a family when her first marriage broke apart at the age of 29. But some things happen in life when you least expect it. And Morgan Zantua was no exception to it. It took her 15 long years to meet the man of her dreams. And finally when she walked down the aisle for the second time in her life, she was 44 years old.

Zantua and George, her new husband decided on having kids right away. They did not want to wait and risk the chances of not having a baby. Zantua was able to conceive very quickly but unfortunately she miscarried at 12 weeks. ‘May be I was not meant to have kids’, she thought. Her gynecologist was surprised that she became pregnant in the first place considering her history of irregular periods and uterine fibroids. The doctor also told her that at her age it was difficult to conceive and carry it through.[...]

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Melanie Turner Dawson made sure that she ate well, a proper healthy diet. She never smoked or touched alcohol. In spite of all this, she was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer at the age of 35. She was devastated. ‘This isn’t happening to me. It is just not right,” she thought, as there was no history of cancer in her family. She decided that this terrible disease was not going to kill her. So she kept a positive attitude with the help and support of her mom, her siblings, her boyfriend and friends.

Life was not easy for her. She had to go through a single mastectomy followed by 36 rounds of radiation and 6 months of chemotherapy. She faced all this bravely because she knew that these treatments might eventually keep her alive. But deep down something was worrying her. She was worried that the treatments would leave her infertile by damaging her ovaries. For her, the idea that she wouldn’t be able to conceive was much more devastating than the fact that she might not survive this ordeal.[...]

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It is absolutely true that endometriosis could be quite a devastating condition. It is a very painful experience that has haunted many women for years together. Take the case of 32-year old Lynn Witwer who did not discover till the age of 25 that the extreme condition she had been suffering with was actually a medical condition affecting millions of women across the world. What most doctors had written off as constipation, ulcer and even her own psychological problems was actually a serious medical problem that even affected her chances of becoming a mother. It was a relief for her to discover that the problems she was facing could be solved with surgery. Yet it broke her heart to know that endometriosis would negatively hamper her chances of ever becoming a mother.

Right from the age of 12, Lynn Witwer had suffered unbearable pain and her menstrual cycles were so heavy that she would bleed right through her clothes. This prevented her from adopting a normal life and most of the days she would avoid going out of her house. However, once she found out that she was suffering from endometriosis, she found the answer to her grief episodes. She got in touch with the Endometriosis Association and got a complete idea about the health condition affecting her. She came to know that endometriosis was a leading cause of infertility since it inhibited ovulation and also blocked the fallopian tubes as well.

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