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Natural birth or caesarian section, what do you prefer?

Having a baby is one of the most remarkable events in your entire life. But, as you are getting closer to your delivery date you have to decide either you are going to have a natural birth or to have a c-section. Probably, your doctor will ask you to make your final decision if your health condition can stand them both.

Actually, it’s hard to decide. So, let me help you to make up your mind. Of course these are two different ways for delivering a baby. Each one of them can be good for you. The act of giving birth is a natural one. So, I believe it should occur naturally without any medical interference. May be it is painful, but you will have the choice to get a pain numbing. Yes, there is a stretching of uterus, but your body can withstand it. After the delivery your body will return back to its previous shape. The female body is designed to do this. Most women who experienced natural birth said that the pain is completely forgotten once the baby is born.

On the other hand having a c-section will be quicker. You can decide to have general anesthetic and by this way you will be unconscious during the whole experience. Also, you may choose to have a local anesthetic and this will keep you awake. So, you may say that there will be no pain during the whole experience. But, afterwards, it will be painful for few weeks. It is exactly like any invasive surgical operation. This means that you will not be able to practice your daily activities before several weeks.

Many women believe that having a c-section on a certain date is preventing the baby from his own right to come to this world when he is ready to it. 

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