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Birth Control Methods

While some people might be wrecked by infertility, others might be distressed due to their fertility. Birth control is a very important thing to consider when you are trying not to conceive and even if you have just had children and want to wait a while before getting pregnant again. Different methods of birth control can be used depending on the kind of situation that you are in. Contraception comes in various forms including pills, patches and of course there are the more permanent options and surgical procedures also available for those who do not want to get pregnant again. Birth control can also come in the form of condoms that are also important for all kinds of safe sex and can save you from any STD.

Three of the most common methods of birth control in women are the vaginal contraceptive ring, the patch and the birth control pill. The pill needs to be taken every day, but there are some side effects that some women might feel more severe but for others the pill can actually help PMS so it is really a personal choice. The patch on the other hand is very flexible and should be put on only once a week. But the patch is not recommended for women who smoke because there is a serious risk of side effects including blood clots in women who smoke. There is some minor discomfort to some women in wearing the patch but otherwise there are no problems.

The vaginal contraceptive ring needs to be inserted in the vagina and again this one comes with side effects for women who smoke and is not recommended for smokers. There are also some hormonal shots that women can take which prevent conception for about three months, and the IUD which is an Intra Uterine device that requires a small procedure.  

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