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Trying to get pregnant seems to be a simple affair to some people, but to some others, it needs a lot of patience and a bit of fortune or the intervention of some divine elements. If you are wondering about getting pregnant, go with the age old method. Here is a bit of information that will be of great benefit to everyone who needs some help.

Conception is an intricate process that involves a series of events. As you know, every month your ovaries release an egg and it travels to one of the fallopian tubes. If you want to get conceived, this is the right time to make the hit; but how to predict the right time of [...]

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Most couples are trying the more natural methods to either conceive or stay away from pregnancy. Either way, fertility awareness can help you to judge your body's behavior and help you manage your life better. Proper fertility awareness can help you to estimate your ovulation time most accurately. This judgment, however, needs to be proper in case you are trying to avoid pregnancy. A better way to help you abstaining pregnancy is to use protective measures or avoid sex from the time you first spot the cervical mucus. You need to be careful during the four days following it or till the discharge has changed its consistency from an egg-white form to a more pasty consistency.

Apart from finding out one's ovulation time(You can use our Free ovulation calculator), fertility awareness lays stress on daily observations with regard to one’s own body system. Not every woman is blessed with a regular menstrual cycle every month, and especially for such ladies, the observation method works better than estimating ovulation times using length of menstrual cycle method.[...]

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It is not uncommon for parents to wish to have a baby of a particular sex. Some prefer boys and others girls. Yet another group wishes to have children in a particular order in terms of sex. It is not scientifically proved yet that parents can have children with sex of their choice. But many mothers claim that they know some tricks which have worked well for them. There is no harm in trying them. You have nothing to lose. Let us examine their prescriptions for having a child with the sex you choose.

To have a boy child

1.Have sex on the day of ovulation. Then the male sperm can swim faster and reach the egg first.(You can use our Free ovulation calculator)

2.The woman should have the orgasm first. That releases alkaline fluid. The alkaline fluid is friendly to male sperms while the normal vaginal fluid, which is acidic, is conducive for female sperms. For this, the man must learn to withhold orgasm until after the woman has it.

3.A deep penetration will help have a male child. Sex from behind is recommended for this.[...]

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Many women think of conceiving after the age of 30 or 35. Here we discuss the difficulties faced by them and ways to overcome them.

Problems faced

1.The most important problem is the decline in fertility. As women age, their menstrual cycles become occasional, eggs are not released at every cycle and the quality and the quantity of eggs decline.

2.Formation of scar tissues around the fallopian tube or cervix caused by surgery or infection reduces the chances of conception.

3.Endometriosis is the medical condition found in aging women. It is the deposit of endometrial cells outside the uterine cavity. These deposits are the common cause for pelvic pain and infertility.(Read more about Best Reviewed Treating Endometriosis Program)

4.Uterine fibroids are found in women in their 30s and 40s. These tumors need not be cancerous, but they cause infertility.(Read more about Best Reviewed Shrinking Fibroids Program)[...]

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If you decide to have a baby, you need to take certain steps to make it happen. If you and your partner have tried for several months, but not yet conceived, you need to do something different to enhance the chances of fertility. You may have some doubts whether the things that you are doing are actually helping you to have healthy sperms.

In simple terms, male fertility depends both on sperm quantity as well as quality that are affected by a variety of things. It is true that you may not be able to control all the elements that could enhance your fertility. There are certain things that you can apply to improve your potency and to make sure that your sperms are healthy and performing.[...]

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Stay away from smoking

With each puff of cigarette smoke, you inhale about 4000 toxic chemicals that are capable of damaging the DNA structure of your sperm. Recent researches show that it will hinder even the growth of the baby and the child is likely to develop some sot of health problems including cancer. Moreover, regular use of tobacco will result in erectile dysfunction and the sperm count will also be at the lower side.

Monitor the presence of toxins

You may come in contact with several toxic substances both from the workplace and home. Pesticides and chemicals in solvents have their presence in almost every house. When you come in contact with them, make sure to wear protective measures to minimize the absorption of such toxins.

Limit your alcohol intake

Heavy intake of alcohol will reduce the quality and quantity of the sperm and you need to limit it to not more than two drinks a day. Combination of alcohol and tobacco is even more dangerous for the sperm.[...]

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Some women find themselves not getting pregnant for no apparent reason. The actual reason may be the mental stress you are going through. There is a gland in your brain called hypothalamus, which controls your appetite and emotion. Unusual stress can affect the functioning of this gland and the hormones which control the release of eggs in your ovary. So when you are stressed out the ovulation may not take place on the normal day at the middle of your cycle. You may have sex on the 14th day of the cycle thinking that the ovulation takes place on that day. Because of the stress, the ovulation may take place only later and you miss the chance of getting pregnant.

You cannot have a completely stress-free life. Everyday you go through some kind of stress. This normal stress cannot affect your ovulation because your body gets used to it. So, such stresses may not affect your ovulation. But sudden and considerable stress, like a death in the family, an accident, or divorce can throw your cycle off balance. The effect of stress acts differently on different women. In some, even a trip to another place may cause anxiety and resultant changes in the cycle. In others, even a bigger stress cannot affect their cycle. Even unusual happiness, like that of a new bride, can cause stress that throws the cycle off balance. [...]

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Secondary infertility is defined as the inability to conceive, after having at least one successful pregnancy and a year of unprotected sex. It may turn out to be a complete shock for you to realize that it is taking a longer time for you to conceive the second time. The biggest problem that you will have to face is the fact that you may need to take some sort of medical help. Don’t lose heart if you and your partner are unlucky enough to go through this.

There is an alternative for every problem. Here are some things you and your partner can think of doing to improve your chances of conceiving again.[...]

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There is no scientific evidence to show that fertility has any relationship with massage. But stress has a bearing on fertility. If you want to be pregnant and at the same time you are under severe mental stress, there is a chance in at least some of you for not getting pregnant. The reason is that the hypothalamus gland in the brain which controls the release of the egg in the ovary acts erratically under mental stress. So the ovulation does not take place on the normal day. Thus stress affects the fertility on at least some women. But any amount of stress does not affect some women. It is common knowledge that a hand-on massage on the body reduces the stress. So massage reduces stress and eventually increases the chance for pregnancy.[...]

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It is only normal for every couple to have a period of preventing conception immediately after marriage. Sometimes contraception is resorted to after the birth of the first child or due to the pressing needs of the mother’s employment. The common methods of preventing pregnancy are by women taking oral contraceptive pills or hormonal patches. Other common methods are using condoms or inserting intrauterine devices in women. Certain precautions are to be taken when you prepare to get pregnant after a period of contraception, especially when oral contraceptive pills and hormone patches are used.[...]

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The normal length of the menstrual period in a woman is 28 days. The days are counted from the first day of a period to the first day of the next period. The first day of a menstrual cycle is counted as day 1. That is the day when the period starts. Day 5 is the last day of the period. During the 12th to the 16th days, an egg from one of the two ovaries reaches maturity and it is released. It is immediately sucked up by one of the fallopian tubes. The fallopian tubes have receptacles in the shape of tulip ready to absorb the egg. An egg remains alive for 24 hours in the fallopian tube. If a sperm is present or reaches there during this period the egg gets fertilized and you become pregnant. If the egg is not fertilized in time it goes out with your uterine lining in the next period. It is during the period that the egg is being developed for release during the current cycle.[...]

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