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Well I have seen married couples struggling to get pregnant. Even after years of their marriage, they have decided to have a baby but every time they try, they fail. Infertility is the main reason behind all of this failure. Especially these days because people do not pay much attention to their sexual life and they take it just as an enjoyment and in this enjoyment, they often forget the prime goal which is getting pregnant and avoiding infertility. If you are facing the same problem then, this discussion will help you to know some facts of the problem and also you will be guided towards some solutions.

There are some very basic things which are considered as the enemies of getting pregnant. Stress in one such cause, you should avoid stress of any kind when you are trying to get pregnant. Lots of people will say that how can someone subtract the stress from their life? There is a very simple solution for this problem which is to go on a vacation. Just take two week off from your work and go on some healthy point where all the struggles and tensions should leave you alone for some time. After stress the major reason is age. I have seen people who just don’t try to get a baby when they are young and they keep struggling until they get settled but when they decide to have a baby then, normally it is too late.

For the best healthy child and for your own safety too, you should have a baby in the age of 22-28. This age is just ideal for woman to have kid. After this age your muscles start weakening and the risk to you and your child’s life starts increasing after this age. Age plays an important role in fertility. Especially for women, they start facing the problem of infertility right after their twenty’s. So it is strongly recommended that when you both are young then, you should go for a kid and avoid all the complications. I think this information will help you a lot in your problem of infertility and you will try to act upon these advices.  

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