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Important Information when Planning to get Pregnant

If you have finally decided to get pregnant after years of taking birth control pills, then you have to make sure that you plan your pregnancy very well. Although these birth control pills or any other contraceptives can help you avoid getting pregnant, these products can also spoil your natural pH balance and this will make it hard for you to get pregnant.


Here are some things that you can do when planning to get pregnant:


Stop using contraceptives – do not expect to get pregnant as soon as you stop using contraceptives, as it may take you sometime to get pregnant due to its effects.

Reduce your caffeine consumption – lessen or drop caffeine from your diet for several months to get pregnant successfully. You may also cut your consumption of tea, chocolate and soda, and stick to a healthy diet.

Avoid using scented products for douching or washing – scented products for douching or feminine hygiene may not be good if you are planning to get pregnant as this can get rid of the vagina's natural mucus which facilitates the movement of the sperm.

Stop smoking – if you do this, it can increase your chance of getting pregnant and can help ensure the proper growth of your baby. Take note that even second-hand some may be harmful to you.

Make love with your partner as often as possible – do this often, especially during your ovulation period to collect more and more sperms and to increase your chance of getting pregnant.

Try different sex positions – it was said that there are certain sex positions that couples should try to increase the chance of getting pregnant.

Allow the sperms to move – after making love with your partner, make sure to stay in bed for at least 5 minutes to give the sperms enough time to fertilize.

If you are having any medical disorder that affects your fertility, it is best to visit your gynecologist to know more about it and for medical prescriptions as well. Planning to get pregnant and getting pregnant is natural for couples, especially if they are not using any type of contraceptive. Remember that the conception problem comes when you mess up with your own reproductive system.

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