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Are you pregnant for the second time?

 How great to be a mother for the second time! No doubt you are very happy and you cannot wait to tell your husband about it. Of course you are wondering if this experience will differ from the first one or not.

No worries. Everything will be okay. Just, relax and enjoy this wonderful feeling. Though, it is not a rule, but being pregnant for the second time will be easier for you. In most cases morning sickness will be less. May be you will not be able to take adequate rest this time because you have to take care of your first child, but now your body is different. You have to be careful with your posture. Side sleeping will better for you.

This time your belly will enlarge faster than the first time. May be by the tenth week everybody can notice that you are pregnant very easily. This time delivery will be faster than the first one.

Probably, your first child is a pre-schooler, so you have to inform him with the good news. The sooner the better, he has to know that he is going to have a brother or a sister. Don’t feel guilty when you are not spending much time with him because you are tired. May be it will be a suitable chance for him to depend on himself. So, he will not feel that he is humiliated after the new baby is born.

The most important is that don’t let him have this feeling that he is neglected and the new baby is replacing him. Try to make him participate in choosing the new baby’s clothes or whatever you are going to get for him. If you are going to make him change his room or bed you have to tell him in a nice way to avoid any pre- hard feelings between them. 

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