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Quit smoking, you are pregnant!

Of course all of us know how smoking is unhealthy. It may lead to many health complications. Recently, a lot of people died because of this bad habit. Things will be even worse if you are pregnant. You will not be only harming yourself, but you will be harming your unborn child.

You are exposing your baby to tobacco toxins that will lead to serious health problems either during birth or afterwards. Besides, you are preventing him from receiving the right nutrients during pregnancy.

Unfortunately, some women don’t know how much they are harming their babies. Some of them believe that smoking during the early pregnancy is not harmful. But, realistically, it is not known for sure. Also, exposing your unborn baby to a second hand smoke is not healthy at all. Simply, you are denying your baby the oxygen that he needs to remain healthy and survive.

Actually, when you are smoking carbon monoxide is replacing some of the oxygen in your blood. In turn, your baby’s blood will be lacking sufficient oxygen that he needs. This will cause the acceleration of his heart beats. Also, the toxins inside the tobacco that you are smoking will definitely affect the placenta. It will not be able to function well and the baby will not be provided with proper nutrition.

If all these facts are not convincing for you to quit smoking you have to know that smoking is considered to be a reason for miscarriage. Can you believe this? You could be a reason for losing your baby!

You have to do something about it. You have to find the most effective way to kick off this harmful habit. If you search the web you will find a lot of programs that will work for you. Some of these programs are safe and quick. Or you may try to be strong enough to do it yourself. Remember, it’s your child’s health. 

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