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Minimize pregnancy stretch marks

Although being pregnant is the most wonderful thing that might happen to you, but there are some side effects that might occur and it will be difficult for you to avoid. Morning sickness, backaches, nausea and fatigue, but the worst of all is those stretch marks.

Stretch marks may appear on any part of the body. They may appear on the arms, thighs, abdomen and breasts. Simply, you may say that they might appear just anywhere.

Of course when you are pregnant you have to gain weight. As a result your skin will stretch and then after the delivery your skin will get back to its normal shape. So, those stretch marks will be like flattened scars.

Dry skin is more exposed to have severe stretch marks. That’s why it is advisable to keep your body always dehydrated and the only way to do this is to drink lots of water. The most important is to try not to gain too much weight during pregnancy. Gaining weight gradually is better as well.

The best treatment for stretch marks is to do some massage for your body with creams or lotions that contains vitamin E. It will be a good idea to do this massage on the areas which is more exposed to get these marks like the abdomen or the breasts.

You may try some home remedies like massaging your body with Aloe Vera or Olive oil. Try to avoid consuming food rich in vitamin A. In addition, there are some products now available in the market that might help. There are different kinds of creams that you may use to make these marks fade away.

But, you have to be careful when purchasing them. You have to read carefully its ingredients and make sure that they are all natural to avoid any harmful side effects. Otherwise you have to consult your doctor. 

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